In 2010, on the basis of tripartite funding and administration agreement between JSC ENG, Lithuanian Business Support Agency and the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania, JSC ENG implemented the project Installation of High Efficiency Combined Heat and Power Plant in Pasvalys District Boiler Plant, Musos str. 16, Pasvalys, which was partly funded from EU Structural Funds.


The newly built high efficiency combined heat and power plant has one internal combustion engine with an electric generator (cogeneration facility) of 1000kW electrical power output and 1100kW of thermal power output. The total efficiency of the cogeneration facility is up to 90%. In the combined heat and power plant it is also planned to generate electric power from renewable energy sources, i.e. bio-gas.


The general contractor for the construction of the combined heat and power plant was selected by way of tender, with JSC Manfula being announced as the successful bidder and taking charge of the project from the beginning to the end. The project was technically supervised by JSC AF-TSP. The value of the implemented project was ~ 4.7 million LTL, of which 1.73 million LTL was obtained from the European Union structural funds.


This cogenerative power plant generates about 8.6 thousand MWh of electric power and about 9.4 thousand MWh of thermal power per year, which accounts for about 2% of the annual Pasvalys demand of regional thermal power supply. The thermal power that is generated in the combined heat and power plant is supplied to Pasvalys heating system at a cost which is 10% lower when compared to the old facilities of the Pasvalys boiler plant, and thus it contributes to a reduction in the price of heating for the residents of Pasvalys. The electric power that is generated in the combined heat and power plant in the cogeneration process is transferred to regional power distribution network.


The project activities are fully consistent with the policy of the EU and the Republic of Lithuania in the energy sector and contribute to the fulfilment of the obligations of Lithuania in assuring safe power supply in Lithuania.