After considering the low efficiency of thermal energy generation in Vievis boiler plants, JSC ENG implemented the project Utilization of waste heat for the heating of Vievis town combining Elektrenai and Vievis regional heat supply networks.


Since the end of 2010, Vievis residents have received waste heat from the Lithuanian power plant in Elektrenai. Heat reaches Vievis by a new 9km long trenchless heat pipeline made via the technology of industrially pre-insulated pipes.


In implementing the project, JSC ENG, being the successful bidder of the tender that had been initiated by Elektrenai municipality, has committed not only to increase the efficiency and reliability of the regional thermal energy supply, but also to reduce the price of heating for Vievis residents. Before the beginning of heating being supplied from Elektrenai municipality by JSC ENG, the price of heating in Vievis was among the highest in the country.


The project Utilization of waste heat for the heating of Vievis town combining Elektrenai and Vievis regional heat supply networks was partly funded from European Union structural funds under the activity group Modernization and Development of Heat Supply System of the Economic growth action programme of 4th priority Essential Economic Infrastructure of 2007-2013. The construction of the heat supply route from Elektrenai to Vievis was funded by 6 million LTL from European Union structural funds and the same amount was invested by JSC ENG.


A reliable thermal energy supply to consumers in Vievis and Elektrenai is also ensured by the fact that the route of heat supply can be used not only for the heat supply from Elektrenai to Vievis, but also in the opposite direction, i.e. from Vievis to Elektrenai. In August 2013, the project of supplying heat generated from renewable sources, i.e. bio-gas, was implemented using the JSC ENG heating supply route to Elektrenai. Now the residents of Elektrenai have the opportunity to use the heating supplied to Vievis, which has been generated from the bio-gas accumulating in the Kazokiskes waste management plant, in the cogenerative plant established by JSC Autoideja.


The project implemented by JSC ENG also contributes to the achievement of the national energy goals of Lithuania and corresponds to the energy priorities of Lithuanian.